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Hunter Safety Course

Posted 5/08/17 (Mon)


The department will be putting on a Hunter Safety Course the weekend of May 27 & 28. It will be held at the Veterans Building in Rosebud, SD. It will be a two day course (9am-4pm both days) and must attend both days to complete the course. The course is a requirement for any youth hunters between the age of 12-17 to legally purchase a RST hunting license. The course is open to the public 12 years or older. An 11 year old will be allowed to take the course, if they will be turning 12 before the hunting season. Parents will need to bring their youth in the first day to fill our paperwork and sign a waiver. The course will consist of classroom work, hands on field experience and a test. 
 For more information, please contact Emily at the office.

Wopila / Thank you.